Nourishing Life Nutrition


My name is Maree O’Dwyer, I’m a qualified Nutritionist and I’m the owner and founder of Nourishing Life Nutrition. I have an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine from the Australian College of Natural Therapies and I am currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition at Deakin University. I am also a registered practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

When opening my practice in 2018, my main aim was to educate and support my clients to create positive relationships with food and develop sustainable habits with their nutrition. I want to help you wade through the nutrition mine field and support through your journey to improve your health and well-being.

Nutritional medicine is not a one-size fits all approach. I understand how diet and lifestyle factors influence overall health. I work holistically and my investigation is thorough leaving no stone un-turned. During a consultation we will explore each body system, analyse test results, and develop an individualised treatment plan to achieve your personal health and well-being goals.

As well as consulting privately, I also work alongside other health professionals. I work with health coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists to complement their programs and assist in improving the health outcomes of their clients. I develop nutritious recipes, nutrition guidelines and personalised and group meal plans to support health and fitness programs.

Correct nutrition is one key to developing and maintaining a state of health that is optimal for you. Food provides both the energy and the nutrients needed to build and maintain all body cells. It can be both the prevention and cause of disease.

I want to support you in:

– Optimising your digestive function including relieving symptoms of IBS

– Making adaptations to your diet to enhance your body’s natural metabolism to assist in managing weight

– Improving your ability to manage stress and anxiety

– Enhancing your sleep patterns and improving energy

– Finding the best diet for your individual needs so that you can live your healthiest life

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