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Nourishing Life Nutrition is a boutique nutrition clinic that specialises in the areas of post-natal support, weight management, digestive dysfunction, detoxification and group and personalised meal planning. Nutritionist Maree O’Dwyer works with both men and women and loves helping to better her patients’ relationship with food. She consults privately both face-to-face and online with patients to improve health and wellbeing through diet, lifestyle intervention and practitioner only nutritional supplementation.

Nutritional Medicine is not a one-size fits all approach. Maree understands how diet and lifestyle factors influence overall health. She works closely with her patients to better overall nutritional status to help improve health and wellbeing. Maree works holistically and looks at every individual as a whole. Her investigation is thorough leaving no stone unturned. She explores each body system, analyses test results, and develops an individualised plan to achieve desired health and wellbeing goals.

Maree also work closely with other health professionals including health coaches, personal trainers and exercise physiologists to help improve the health outcomes of their clients. She develops recipes, nutrition guidelines and personalised and group meal planning to support health and fitness programs.

Correct nutrition is one key to developing and maintaining a state of health that is optimal for you. Food provides both the energy and the nutrients needed to build and maintain all body cells. It can be both the prevention and cause of disease.

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ – Hippocrates.

Specialising in:

Weight Management | Digestive Dysfunction | Post Natal Support | Immune Function | Meal Planning | Recipe Development

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My name is Maree O’Dwyer and I am a Clinical Nutritionist practicing in Geelong, Australia. I have an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine from The Australian College of Natural Therapies, a Bachelor of Education from Deakin University and I am also a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. 

As a nutritionist I am passionate about educating my patients about food and using a holistic approach to improve their health and wellbeing. I aim to guide individuals to create positive habits to assist in avoiding preventable diseases or to prepare for major life events. I specialise in meal planning to improve eating habits and catering for special diets including weight management, allergies and intolerances.

I developed a passion for nutrition from watching and admiring my Gran cook when I was young. I remember every meal she prepared was prepared with love. All meals were well balanced, full of flavour and enjoyed by everyone. It’s also the first time I noticed meals being prepared for their nutritional content or therapeutic properties. She was a nurse, so she was very much in touch with health.

I am a Nutritionist because I love food. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love learning about how food nourishes our body. It was my own health journey that lead me down this path. Over my lifetime, I’ve always struggled with how my body reacted to various foods. Some made me feel well, some made me feel awful. When I started experimenting with various diets, nutrients and lifestyle changes, I finally began to find some answers.

My continued study and research in nutritional medicine gives me a greater understanding of how each person is an individual and how our body changes constantly. Sometimes one thing that works this month, stops working the next and so constant adaptations need to be made to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Much of what I recommend isn’t forever, its education for the future to assist my patients to make positive choices and changes to their own health.


Nourish Your Life (4 Week Online Program) – $200*

Initial consultation (see below for more details), follow up consultation (see below), flexible meal planner, nutrition education, health resources and ongoing email support throughout the course. Consultations can be conducted face-to-face in my Highton Clinic or online. For more information about the program please read my recent blog post.

Initial Consultation (1 Hour) – $90*

A comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your past and present health status and a discussion about future goals. We will explore all body systems in this consultation as they each have an impact on one another. A personalized program will be developed just for you that includes dietary changes and nutritional supplements to help achieve optimal health and wellbeing. 

Follow Up Consultation (45 mins) – $70*

Ongoing treatment and support available after your initial Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation

Personalised Meal Planning (1 Hour) – $120

A comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your past and present health status and an in-depth discussion about future goals. We will explore all body systems in the consultation as they can each have a major impact on one another. This will assist in developing a personalised meal plan with your individual needs in mind. Plans consider your health and wellbeing goals as well as being mindful of allergies, intolerances, likes, dislikes and lifestyle. A plan includes one week (7 days), breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with recipes.

*Health fund rebates may apply, please check with your health fund to see if you are covered.

Prices are subject to change without warning

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