Chocolate Protein Pancakes

Serves 4

Love chocolate? You’ll love this breakfast dish to start your day. With approximately 11g of protein per serve, you’ll be well and truly satisfied after this one. Perfect after an early morning workout to assist in the repair of muscles.

You can use any type of protein powder you desire including brown rice, pea or whey-based proteins. Alternatively, you can omit it all together, this will just reduce the amount of protein per serve by doing this.

They go particularly well with a good quality dairy free coconut yoghurt, a little honey and some frozen berries, especially during summertime!

You will need:

2 bananas

2 eggs

¾ cup almond or oat milk

½ teaspoon vanilla extract

1.5 teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder

1 serving chocolate protein powder

½ cup wholemeal self-raising flour


1. Place bananas, eggs, milk, vanilla, cocoa and protein powder into a blender and blend until smooth

2. Sift in flour and stir with a spoon until combine

3. Heat up non-stick fry pan, add a small amount of olive oil for cooking

4. Spoon some of the batter into the hot pan

5. Cook on one side until bubbles appear then flip

6. Cook for a further 2 – 3 minutes until golden brown

7. Repeat the process until all pancakes are cooked

Serve with seasonal fruit and a spoonful of yoghurt

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    Oo how delicious!


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