I’ve been interested in nutrition for as long as I can remember. Always developing new nutritious recipes as a child and hoping to stock my latest muffin recipe at the local café.

I’m a mum of two which fuels my passion for nutrition and compels me to educate my children about healthy eating with an emphasis on BALANCE.

I developed a love for nutrition from watching and admiring my Gran cook when I was young. I remember every meal she prepared was prepared with love. All meals were well balanced, full of flavour and enjoyed by everyone. It’s also the first time I noticed meals being prepared for their nutritional content or therapeutic properties. She was a nurse, so she was very much in touch with health.

I am a nutritionist because I love food, cooking and to eat with enjoyment. I especially love learning about how food nourishes our body. It was my own health journey that lead me down this path. Over my lifetime, I’ve always struggled with how my body reacted to various foods. I started experimenting with different diets, nutrients and lifestyle changes, I finally began to find some answers.

My continued study and research in nutritional medicine gives me a greater understanding of how each person is an individual and how our body changes constantly. Sometimes one thing that works this month, stops working the next and so constant adaptations need to be made to achieve optimum health and well-being. Much of what I recommend may not be forever, it is education for the future to assist my clients to make positive choices and changes to their own health.

I’m here to support you every step of the way…

Photography Julie Chiles Photography 2019